Hives is also known as urticaria. A hive or urticarial lesion is an itchy raised wheal that resembles a mosquito bite. An urticarial lesion usually appears suddenly. Each lesion generally lasts for a few hours and fades without leaving a mark.

Generally urticaria is divided into acute urticaria or chronic urticaria. Chronic urticaria is defined as hives that has been going on for more than 6 weeks. The causes of urticaria depends on whether the urticaria is defined as acute or chronic.

In children, acute urticaria is usually associated with infections and food allergy. In adults, acute urticaria is usually associated with medications. The cause of chronic urticaria is usually more challenging to determine and difficult to pinpoint.

If you suffer from urticaria/hives, a qualified Allergy & Immunology specialist can help evaluate and treat your condition.


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