Prevention of allergy with probiotics

With the increasing prevalence of allergic diseases affecting the world, we should also focus on prevention strategies. One of the exciting frontiers of research is in the role of bacteria and how it affects our body’s immune function. We are only starting to understand the human microbiome and the role it plays in modulating our response to diseases and  influencing our metabolic and physiologic function.

Probiotics are defined as safe, helpful bacteria which can confer health benefits. Research is now looking into how probiotics can be used to prevent or modulate allergic diseases. Probiotic for allergy

What the current data show is that probiotics can prevent eczema. However, not all probiotics are equal and not all probiotics confer the same benefits, so we need to interpret the data carefully. As far as we can tell, the benefits are strain specific. As far as prevention of allergy is concerned, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG has the most data.

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