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Air filterAir filters are useful in removing airborne allergens from the environment. When choosing an air filter, it is important to look at the clean air delivery rate or CADR. CADR measures the amount of air that can be effectively filtered. For example, if you buy a palm sized air filter, it will be unreasonable to expect it to filter the amount of air in your living room.

Another important point to mention is to be careful when buying air filters with ionizer features. The reason is that ionizers can produce ozone and inhaled ozone is not good for the respiratory airways. Please look at the article that was issued by consumer reports.  Article (click to download)

If you are looking to purchase an air filter or deciding on aeroallergen control measures, please see The Allergist for proper advice.

Homemaster does offer good products and if you are a patient of The Allergist, please mention it to them for discount.

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