Stem Cell Therapy

What are mesenchymal stem cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are stem cells that can change to other cell types such as the nerves, muscle, blood vessels, bone and soft tissues. These cells secrete growth factors and cellular signals that can help other cells rejuvenate, grow and help with repair of damage. MSC are being widely researched in clinical studies for its use in sport injuries, heart disease and strokes. Studies are also showing that MSC can modulate the inflammation created by the immune system, and that they may play a role in reducing autoimmune inflammatory diseases.

Why use human and not animal stem cell for therapy?

The immune system of humans and animals have many differences.  The cells of humans and animals have different surface receptors and also differ with how they signal with one another. Human MSC are considered as immunoprivileged in a human host, which means that they do not usually induce an immune response. Animal stem cells will be recognized as foreign and will cause an immune reaction if infused into a human host.

What is aging?

Aging is a natural process where over time, the body is not able to renew or replace dying cells. Stem cells are reduced with age, and thus unable to stimulate regeneration. The aging process naturally leads to decrease function, illness and mortality.

What can I do to maintain health?

Wellness and aging are not influenced by stem cells alone. You must create an environment for your body to maintain its function and to regenerate. You must eat fresh foods and vegetables to provide yourself with nutritious vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You should ensure regular exercise and adequate sleep. Activities that will be detrimental to your health such as: smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and mental stress should be reduced.

If I decide on stem cell therapy, what should I do?

You must first understand the objectives of stem cell therapy and its limitations. Then seek a qualified physician who can discuss with you the goals of treatment. Finally, ensure that the stem cells utilized are from the highest quality produced under proper procedures.

As a qualified Allergist/Immunologist, Dr Kent Woo understands how stem cells function, its role in the immune system and its regenerative properties. We will be happy to discuss them with you.